works in progress

A comedic retelling of the Arthurian legend

A silly retelling of the already silly Arthurian legend “Sir Gawain & The Green Knight’.

A hapless cowpoke gets framed for crimes he didn't commit thanks to a deceptive horse owned by the town sheriff.

A hapless cowpoke gets framed for crimes he didn’t commit thanks to a deceptive horse owned by the town sheriff.

King Konko, a barbarian king who has to figure out how to rule benevolently in spite of his basic nature, or he could lose his empire to an evil wizard.

King Konko, a barbarian king with a new empire forged with his mighty fists, has to figure out how to rule benevolently in spite of his basic nature, or he could lose his throne to the evil & sly wizard Gilgamagargle.

westchester institute

My neighbour is a therapist and has a community-based practice in the area; their fees are on a sliding scale depending on a patient’s financial ability.

My pro-bono assignment: some simple b/w, very direct & accessible easily photocopied 8″ x 11″ posters with a blurb and info. I came up with about twelve images in an afternoon, here’s a few that were a hit with his colleagues:

monsters and mansuits

Here’s a bit I did up for the latest Q Pop gallery event “Tokusatsu – Japanese Science Fiction Art Show”

on Sep 15th. Again, I wish I could have been there for the main event, because it looked completely awesome. But I had to draw this here movie. Dang bills. Always needing the money. Anyways, if you go through this link, you might be able to spot the piece below but I’m not gonna point it out to you because you need to see all that rad shit up there. Thanks again to Chris Mitchell, proprietor and esquire, for inviting me to toss something in.

A bit about this: It’s Jamila, a monster from the series Ultraman. One of the most tragic of the monsters, he originally was a human astronaut, launched into space with a small crew by an unnamed country. The rocket crashed and Jamila was the sole survivor. Rather than launch a rescue mission, the country abandoned him to his fate. Horribly mutated by cosmic radiation, Jamila built his own spaceship from the wreckage and flew back to Earth to exact his revenge. The Science Patrol, much against their will, were regrettably forced to kill Jamila to stop him from crushing the UN.

‘REVENGE!’ is what the characters read if Google translate is correct. The title of it is “It Is Always This Way With Politicians. Only Their Words Are Beautiful”. That is the last line of the episode, spoken as the Science Patrol walked away from Jamila’s grave.



phantom child

Another day, another kids shirt!

Spoooooky, I know.

Download the image below, get yerself one of those printer friendly, iron-on sheets of paper, slap it on a shirt and give it away as a gift. Or keep it. But for God’s sakes if you use it to decorate a body pillow you’re sexually obsessed with, never EVER let me know…EVER.


here is a guy – a study of fear

I’ve been sploshing around in an oil painting course at The Bay School of Art here in the Tremont Hotel. It’s fun! I haven’t painted anything since college – um, 13 years ago? Holy crap. I’m older than I feel, ’cause I’m giddy as a schoolgirl, I tells ya. All this tactile stuff feels like fingerpainting again…gooey blorps of smelly hues splotting on the palette. It’s like life. It comes at you as an amorphous blob and you’re forced to shape it or be absorbed by it. Meta, non? Anyway, here’s the first assignment – tonal study. Painted upside down.

As you can tell by the clever title, here is a guy. Well, a study of a guy’s face. I painted this study upside down in one colour only, because we had to…instructor’s orders plus I have zero colour theory…there’s some stuff I’d do differently, but I’m calling it done enough because that’s how I roll…and I’m too chicken to touch it now.

I can’t wait to get better at this painting stuff and kill that PANIC I get whenever I stare at a blank canvas…or screen…or…page…oh wait.

That’s never gone away. For 13 years.

…what kind of life is this?!