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I thought it’d be fun to show these. I was the story dog on ‘Epic’ (around here, ‘story dog’ is there from pretty early on until pretty much the end), and here’s some examples of how I’d make a mess and others would make it awesome.

Two years before the movie was to be released, we’d be boarding away, and every once in a while the director would need to do a presentation. So he’d get a couple of the eminent painters in the studio, Production Designer Greg Couch & Art Director Mike Knapp, to take a measly panel idea and turn them into a meal. Or some other mixed metaphor. The painted images below you can find in the ‘Art of Epic’, but here’s where some of those images started, which you won’t find anywhere else.

This is where MK catches the tiny pod and then gets magically shrunk. Kind of a ‘before & after’. A bit more interesting than just showing a painting of whatever I drew.



Here’s when the good guys sneak into Wrathwood:

infiltrate comp2


And one from of those monster sequences that just wouldn’t die. Kinda like Ronin in this pic, properly recomposed & painted by Mike Knapp:

infiltrate comp1

And this one, from my own epic part of Epic, where the good guys break into MK’s dad’s house and get chased around by Ozzy. I spent months on that sequence front-to-back. Glad it worked! Here’s Greg Couch combining a few ideas from an early pass on the chase:

beakin comp


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