epically later’ed

After the Blu-Ray/DVD pops up, I might get a chance to put up some of the sequences I pounded out on ‘EPIC‘. Those of us on the story crew drew more than a few different versions. The director, Chris Wedge, chose the takes that were closest to his ever-evolving vision of the film as we went, which is exactly as it should be. It’s his story, after all.


Seeing as there’s no boards in the ‘Art of Epic’, well, you never know, this might be one of the few places to see some alternate versions of certain moments in the final film, once enough time has passed. In the meantime, here’s a tiny peek at work I drew, a bit too ‘clean’ for my taste I might add, but they contain no spoilers whatsoever.


The stereoscopic, materials, and lighting departments all worked extremely hard to make this movie worth the cost of a ‘Real 3D’ ticket, and I think it worked (did you know that at Leafman scale, sunlight behaves differently? The things I learn at work…). But don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself.


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