‘Epic’ trailer

What a wonderfully strange job I have. I imagine what a scene in a movie looks like, draw it, and then, months or years later, it becomes part of an actual movie.

Overall, the story changed vastly along the way. On the story crew we’re all hired to help the director execute the film that they want, and support whatever vision she or he might have even if we have different tastes. It’s simultaneously a challenge and a simple thing. The important thing is we find the story the director wants to tell.

The finalized shots of this tech geek running through the forest and rolling the bird over in his hands and some of the shots of the soldier being chased through the treetops are almost exactly as I imagined it the first pass, when I closed my eyes, imagined it, and then drew it as I saw it in my mind’s eye.

The animators, layout, lighting crew and all the finishers on the production floor added their skills and made my simple drawings pop into 3D, adding touches I had never thought of, seeming to make the sequence live and breathe – as it had in my imagination when I recorded it in drawings as best I could, as inaccurate as it was (the drawings never come out as good as I’d hoped).

I’ll never get tired of that part of the job, the transformation from my imagination into some kind of reality because other people have applied their immense skills, even if it is for someone else’s film. I have my own creations going to keep some of that feeling for myself, but for right now, I ‘m feeling pretty grateful that this is how I pay the bills.


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