En guarde!

Two weeks ago I organized a research trip to the Fencing Academy of Westchester, not too far from Blue Sky. Around 27 people from the studio, from all departments, were taught the basics of fencing with foil and sabre. Our instructor, Alex Zurabishvili, was a Georgian ex-pat and national competitor and coach.

Needless to say, he’s a master, and it’s always interesting to see a talented professional at work. Catlike and effortless, he showed us a million ways to poke someone with a pointy piece of metal. After a few pointers on how to properly stab someone with style, he even let us fence against him – every one of us! Letting each of us win, he pretty much exemplified the sportsmanship required to participate in this sport. It did, however, feel more like he was letting us live.

I was too busy trying to get the hang of it to take too many pics, but here’s a few:

Some kids had a class before we started. Quick little dudes and dudettes!

Learning the sabre!

Ed, Alex Zurabishvili's assistant, teaches the footwork essential to stabbing people with class

En guarde! To the pain! (watch The Princess Bride if you don't get what that means)

"I'm gonna slash you and your intestine will land here." Alex would never do that, he let us all win! It felt more like he was lettin us live...

And of course by the time it was all over, we did a lot of this around the hallways…I could tell you what project this was for, but I’d get canned. Best to go to every movie Blue Sky releases and give me job security look for this stuff in the films!


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