here is a guy – a study of fear

I’ve been sploshing around in an oil painting course at The Bay School of Art here in the Tremont Hotel. It’s fun! I haven’t painted anything since college – um, 13 years ago? Holy crap. I’m older than I feel, ’cause I’m giddy as a schoolgirl, I tells ya. All this tactile stuff feels like fingerpainting again…gooey blorps of smelly hues splotting on the palette. It’s like life. It comes at you as an amorphous blob and you’re forced to shape it or be absorbed by it. Meta, non? Anyway, here’s the first assignment – tonal study. Painted upside down.

As you can tell by the clever title, here is a guy. Well, a study of a guy’s face. I painted this study upside down in one colour only, because we had to…instructor’s orders plus I have zero colour theory…there’s some stuff I’d do differently, but I’m calling it done enough because that’s how I roll…and I’m too chicken to touch it now.

I can’t wait to get better at this painting stuff and kill that PANIC I get whenever I stare at a blank canvas…or screen…or…page…oh wait.

That’s never gone away. For 13 years.

…what kind of life is this?!


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